Indestructible Dog Bed


There are many reasons you might want to invest in a highly durable dog bed. For one thing, you might be trying to do your bit to help the planet and reduce waste by purchasing a high-quality product with a long life.

If you haven’t considered this before, look at upgrading  your ==> dogs toys <==to heavy Duty once. This could ade in giving them something more constructive to do.  

Alternatively, you might be thinking about the money and time which continually having to replace dog beds can cost you. It might be that you don’t like the idea of all the unpleasantness which can work its way into dog beds over a period of time, and you choose to replace them to keep them fresh.

Alternatively, you might have a particularly destructive dog, who loves to chew and claw anything and everything, or it might be a combination of all four reasons. Whatever the motivation, finding a dog bed which your pet can’t destroy in a matter of hours could be a challenge, especially if you want good aesthetics and comfort into the bargain.

Best Indestructible Dog Bed

Finding a highly durable dog bed will depend to a degree on what causes the destroying of your dog beds in the first place. Often, this is the dog itself.

If you’re worrying about dirt, mould, and other nasties which might mean you need to throw the bed out, you could instead check out a Kuranda Dog Bed. The knitted fabric makes for very easy cleaning since you can either hose or sponge it down. Because it’s elevated off the floor, it has much better airflow, which reduces the chances of it getting mouldy or mildewy, even if a damp pup has decided to lie on it.

The Kuranda is also great if you have a problem with your dog chewing the bed. Many dogs love getting their teeth around anything they can, and their bed is certainly no exception to that rule.

Even if you provide them with plenty of chew toys and other entertainment, you’ll likely find that they still can’t resist chewing on their bed.

Many come with a durable dog bed cover, but overall, standard pet beds aren’t really designed to stand up to being gnawed and nibbled and are – for the comfort of the pet – made of soft materials which easily tear. They’re also usually filled with some sort of wadding or stuffing, which will make an amazing mess as your dog drags it out through the new holes and flings it around your home.

The Kuranda, however, does not suffer from these drawbacks, since its knitted fabric doesn’t offer a very tempting target for gnawing, and it doesn’t have any stuffing for your pet to satisfyingly sink its teeth into.

It’s not easy for your dog to get its teeth around the edge, and because it’s elevated, your dog can’t lie down and work at it for ages; it will have to stand up and chew. Even if your dog does decide to chew on it, the durable fabric will probably bear quite a lot of munching before it shows any signs of wear and tear, and it won’t make nearly as much mess.

The bed can’t end up as part of a tug-of-war game, and you’re unlikely to find it being tossed around, so it presents far less temptation than standard dog beds.

Indestructible Dog Bed for Crate

If you’re looking for a dog bed which you can put in a crate, however, the Coolaroo will not do the job. Again, you need something durable, since your dog may be bored or restless, and may start chewing their bed to try and relieve this feeling. You want to provide your pet with somewhere comfortable and supportive to lie, but at the same time, you need to find something which has been designed to minimise rips and tears, and to ensure the bed lasts as long as possible. Since you’re likely to be looking at a more standard fabric bed, you probably aren’t going to find the perfect indestructible one, but there are high-quality beds designed to try and stand up to chewers and nibblers.

The GoDog Bubble Bolster incorporates what the company call ‘chew guard’ technology, and is designed to fit into standard crates and kennels. This ‘chew guard’ consists of a hard-wearing mesh liner which is attached to the inside of the pet bed, and serves as a reinforcement to the outer material, helping it stand up to chewing and tearing.

It also has reinforced seams to try and hold up against scratching and biting and features a bolstered edge for your pet to rest their head on. It’s made of luxurious plush material, so you can be sure that your pooch is getting maximum comfort during all their snoozes and naps. It’s machine washable, making it easy for you to keep your dog’s crate smelling fresh and airy, and it has non-slip nubs to try and stop it slipping around either in the crate or out on the open floor.

The cosy fabric will also help ensure your dog stays warm and comfortable, so even on chilly days, you’ll know they’re snug. If keeping your dog warm is a potential issue, particularly if they sleep outside, then you might want to check out our article about ==> self-heating dog beds <== and how they can help keep your pet snug and cosy.

Overall, there is probably no such thing as a completely indestructible dog bed: a really determined pooch will get their teeth and claws into any fabric, and general wear and tear will eventually break down even the best. However, if your dog is a frequent bed-destroyer, looking into more durable and less tempting options could well be the way to go: you don’t want to be purchasing new beds on a daily basis, or having to constantly clean up shredded stuffing and ripped material from all the corners of your house.

By choosing something which has been designed with sharp teeth and determined tugging in mind, you can reduce the chores which go with dog beds, and still rest assured that your pet has a comfortable place to lie down – even if at times you feel like they don’t deserve it!