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Finding The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

Old age can be a tricky time for our beloved pets. They aren’t quite as energetic and agile as they once were, and the joints are often the first to go. Hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis and cartilage issues can cause pain and discomfort. This is why we need to provide as much comfort and support as possible. One of the best ways to do so is with some of the best orthopedic dog beds on the market.

These dog beds offer a more comfortable place to rest and sleep. The following products are three of the top rated dog beds for arthritic dogs,  and those with other mobility issues.

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Reviews.

These first two examples are great for those looking for the best dog bed for arthritis. They provide a strong foam interior that keeps its shape, while still adapting to the position and shape of the dog. They are also well-made, with helpful, removable covers and user-friendly details. This makes them recommendable dog beds from the point of view of the dog and their owners.

Pet Fusion Ultimate Solid Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed.

The first of these best orthopedic dog beds is this model from Pet Fusion. There are some clear selling points in the name alone. A firm memory foam bed is a great idea for easing the joints and cradling the dog in the best possible position.

The promise of waterproofing is also appealing in cases where older dogs may have some bladder issues. The largest bed measure 44×34 inches and the smallest 25×20. This means that there are options for a wide range of dog breeds. There is a generous sleeping area with a large bolster running around the outer edge. This provides plenty of options for a comfortable position.

That bolster is removable, in case dogs aren’t keen on this arrangement. Buyers warn that there is a slight odor from the memory foam – as its the case with most foam mattresses – but this disappears within a couple of days. This doesn’t seem to put the dogs off though, as many curl up and get comfy as soon as the bed is assembled! Owners of smaller breeds also note that this is still a portable option that can travel between locations. This is perfect for older dogs visiting family.

Big Barker Large Orthopedic Dog Bed With Headrest

The only potential problem with the option above is that it could get a little cramped for larger dogs. This Big Barker bed takes a different approach, with a wide, flat surface for bigger dogs to spread out on. This model measures 48x30x7 inches. The great thing about this bed isn’t just the length, but the height.

This bed is 7inches off the ground for greater thickness than other dog beds. There is just enough cushioning and support, but owners say that there is still no difficulty for the animal when climbing into bed. Other benefits with this well-made arthritis-friendly dog bed include the simple design and removable cover. The cover is machine washable, in case of spills and soils, and is nice and soft.

It comes in a choice of attractive colors, including burgundy and charcoal. This model contains an additional headrest on one side. This isn’t as confining as the all-around bolster, but offers a nice cushion when dogs desire it. Best orthopedic dog bed for large breeds. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important that large breeds can get just as comfortable as small ones.

We don’t want them hanging off the edge of an orthopedic dog bed and putting themselves at risk. They need enough space to stretch out and get comfortable, with the same aids and quality as smaller beds. This is when owners need to explore the best orthopedic dog beds for “giant” breeds.

Best orthopedic dog bed  for large breeds

Big Barker dog beds for large breeds.

Big Barker is one of the top brands around for the those after the best orthopedic dog beds for their larger animals. The model above is a great example of what they can do in a larger capacity dog bed. However, this large model is actually the smallest that they offer. The size range continues up to Extra Large (52x36x7) and Giant (60x48x7).

There is no doubt that these options are for the largest breeds as there is still room to spare on some. The High-density foam is designed to stay firm yet compliant for a long time regardless of the size of the dog. Most owners agree that this supports their pup for a great night’s sleep. There are also some great sales photos that show the mattress remaining firm, with no sagging, even with a muscular Great Dane on top! Some are “sleek” beds with a simple design, while others have headrests, such as the model above.

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