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Accepting the Terms and Conditions

You agree to follow the Terms and Conditions by viewing the website Doggiftboneanza.com, or when accessing any of the content, text or services that are created on, submitted to or collected in Doggiftboneanza.com. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, do not visit the website Doggiftboneanza.com You must comprehend the legal consequences of visiting the website, which are constituted by your automatic agreement to the Terms and Conditions just by opening it, viewing it or interacting with any of its images and content.

Services Provided

Part of your agreement with the Terms and Conditions entails your understanding that if Doggiftboneanza.com modifies its website content, design or functions in any way, it is not required to give you any notice, whether this has direct effects on your website viewing and interacting experience or not. In addition to this, by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that we will interact with you and provide you content through affiliates or subsidiary services.


By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that Doggiftboneanza.com contains information and content that is protected by international intellectual property laws. These will include trademarks, service marks or patents. You are allowed to own a single copy of these properties, but only for personal and non-lucrative offline uses. You cannot sell, distribute or duplicate the website’s content unless you have a written permit. Any copyrighted material you may find on the website that belongs to external party is intellectual property of its creators/owners. Any unspecified rights are classified or reserved.


When submitting to Doggiftboneanza.com, you automatically give us a license to use your content in any way. This license cannot be revoked, it is universal and royalty free, and it allows us to post, display, modify and distribute your content all over the world. By agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, you grant <Doggiftboneanza.com> this license.

End of the Agreement

The Terms and Conditions will apply continually until one of the parties terminates them for any reason, without the need of any notice. However, terms that are specifically created not to have an end will not be affected in any way by the termination of the Agreement.

Warranty Disclaimer

When agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you utilize Doggiftboneanza.com at your own risk and that any services provided through the website do not contain any warranties or endorsements regarding the content, images and information on the website. This includes any warranties that have a particular purpose. All warranties that are affiliated to Doggiftboneanza.com do not have errors or interruptions, and if they do, they will be promptly corrected.

Liability Limitations

You acknowledge that Doggiftboneanza.com and any of its affiliate services are not culpable of any damages, whether this are direct, indirect, intentional or accidental. These include a number of liabilities such as loss of information or profits, end of business, reputation of business, end of services, erasure of content or information, or failure of storage of these. This will apply regardless of any previous advice or awareness in regards to the possibility of these dangers. In the case of a law in which the limitation of liabilities for damages is not legal, Doggiftboneanza.com will perform its rights inside the extent that the law permits.

External Content

By agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that Doggiftboneanza.com is not responsible for its third-party contents, which may include other websites or adverts. Doggiftboneanza.com is not connected in any way to the adverts, products, content or information displayed by third-aprty websites.


You must acknowledge and agree to the submission of the jurisdiction of any country/state/territory/etc determined by Doggiftboneanza.com in the solution of any legal situations regarding these Terms and Conditions Agreement or your use of the website. If the decision of the court is that any part of this Agreement is not acceptable or valid, this will be removed, by the rest of the Agreement will still be valid and working.

General Agreement

By agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that these form the general agreement between Doggiftboneanza.com and you. You also acknowledge that you could agree to other Terms and Conditions when you view or interact with second-party or third-party material or services.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Doggiftboneanza.com has the rights to change these Terms and Conditions any time with no notice or explanation. The new Terms and Conditions apply as soon as they are posted; your viewing and use of Doggiftboneanza.com after these changes means that you have automatically agreed to them.